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David Brumbaugh's Endorsements


    National Rifle Association

    "On behalf of our National Rifle Association members in Oklahoma House District 76, I am pleased to announce your A rating and endorsement for the 2014 Oklahoma Primary Election. This endorsement is a reflection of your support for Second Amendment issues during your time in the legislature and your response to NRA-PVF's candidate questionnaire. "


    National Federation of Independent Business

    "Representative David Brumbaugh has received the endorsement of NFIB Oklahoma because he has a proven record in support of small and independent business. Representative Brumbaugh clearly understands the importance of small business in the legislature. We are proud to endorse his candidacy and look forward to working with him in the next legislative session. Our members, the independent business owners, know and appreciate the importance of an ally in the legislature. "
    - Jerrod Shouse, NFIB Oklahoma State Director


    Republican Assemblies

    David Brumbaugh has earned the endorsement of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies and the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly by receiving approval of over 2/3rds of the membership. David was one of only two candidates to receive this honor among the many races in our area.

    Tulsa Beacon

    "David Brumbaugh is a businessman who understands the direction needed for reducing the size of government the State of Oklahoma. "

    U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine

    "Representative David Brumbaugh has been a strong conservative voice for Oklahoma in the State House and has my support for re-election. "

    Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb

    "David Brumbaugh has been a strong proponent of economic development for Oklahoma. As a businessman in the electric utility industry, he understands the importance of the energy and utility sector and its impact on our economy. I support David and the good work he is doing at the Capitol for our state and his district."

    Tim Harris, Tulsa County District Attorney

    "David Brumbaugh is a strong supporter of law enforcement and public safety. I look forward to working with David as we continue to protect the citizens of Broken Arrow."

    T.W. Shannon, US Senate candidate and former Speaker of the House

    "David Brumbaugh has been a strong conservative legislative leader for the State of Oklahoma and District 76. The policies and legislation he has authored and introduced have helped move Oklahoma forward. I wholeheartedly endorse David for State Representative."

    State Senator Nathan Dahm, District 33

    "Representative David Brumbaugh has been a great legislator for Broken Arrow and Oklahoma. He continues to serve us well and he has my support for Re-Election to the House of Representatives. "

    Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

    "David Brumbaugh has been a champion for our state at working on tax reform so Oklahomans can keep more of their hard earned money. David has been a great asset to the State Legislature and we need to return him to the State House. "

    Former District 76 State Rep. John Wright

    "I have, with great interest, observed the service of Representative David Brumbaugh in his first term. He has served with diligence, consciousness, and thoughtfulness. He has analyzed the issues and voted his conscience. I will therefore be supporting his reelection to office. "

    Representative George Faught, District 14

    "It is without hesitation that I publicly endorse David Brumbaugh for State House District 76. I know David to be a committed Christian, devoted husband and father, and successful businessman. All those qualities ensured the voters of District 76 the same thoughtful representation they have come to expect over the years. You may cast your vote for David Brumbaugh with confidence that he will represent your conservative values every day. Join with me and give your support to David Brumbaugh as your Representative for District 76."

    Former District 61 State Rep. Gus Blackwell

    "David Brumbaugh has been a strong supporter of repealing Common Core Standards here in Oklahoma and wants to return control to the local level. "

    Col. James F. Laufenburg (Ret.)

    "David Brumbaugh was a tremendous Soldier and productive member of Alpha Company. I am not surprised by his success and am proud that he continues to do great things for our country."
    - Col. James F. Laufenburg (Ret.), (Gen. Petraeus' Former Chief of Staff, Iraq) Commanding Officer, A-3rd/327, 101st Airborne DivisionCommanding Officer, 3rd Infantry Division

    Ron Peterson, Former State Representative and Judge

    "I have known David Brumbaugh for many years. I am confident that David will do his utmost to represent all the residents of District 76 with excellence at the State Legislature."

    Fred Perry, Former Tulsa County Commissioner and State Representative

    "I've known David Brumbaugh for over 20 years. He is one of the most honest and capable people I know. David will make an excellent State Representative and serve the people of Broken Arrow and Oklahoma well. David has proven himself in public service as a board member of a local private school and serves on the board of the Tulsa City-County Library Commission."

    Dr. John Barnett, Pastor, Tulsa Bible Church (1995-2008)

    "I have known David Brumbaugh for over 15 years as a close, personal friend and have seen clearly that he is a man of deep personal faith and integrity. David has been a godly husband and father, as well as devoted leader, teacher, and servant to God's many years and I know he will faithfully serve the citizens of Oklahoma in the Legislature with the same dedication."

    Bob Nichols, Outreach Director & Church Elder, Tulsa Bible Church

    "I have known David for the past 20+ years. In all of these years I have observed that he is a faithful man of fervent spirit. He is a gifted leader who works well with others. He is an excellent team player. If I had to go to war and fight, David is a person who I would want at my side. He can be counted on to stand with you and do his part."

    Pastor Phil Martin

    "David Brumbaugh has the integrity, work ethic, and faith to make his business, school, and church leadership experiences effective tools in the House of Representatives."

    Dennis Queen, Former Superintendent, Mingo Valley Christian School

    "I have known David Brumbaugh for a number of years and can give him my unwavering endorsement. One word comes to mind when I think of David and that is 'Integrity.' He has, to paraphrase Stephen Garber, woven together belief and behavior into a fabric of faithfulness, which allows for a life of compassionate conviction. As an old marine, the bottom line to me for a person in leadership like this is, 'Would I want this man next to me in a foxhole?' The answer for David Brumbaugh is a resounding, 'Yes!'"

David Brumbaugh
Representative David Brumbaugh

David Brumbaugh, Chairman of the House Majority Caucus, owns DRB Industries in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, a community he has served as State Representative since 2010. His columns are frequently published in publications such as the Tulsa Beacon.

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