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Radical Islamic terrorists at our shores

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The Oklahoma State Capitol
December 3rd, 2015

"Radical Islamic Terrorism" is already at our shores.

How many times do we have to relive the 9/11 attacks, recruiter killings, beheadings here in our own state, Boston Marathon bombings, shootings at Fort Hood, etc., to finally get the message?

Our president seems to be doing nothing. Americans have even started to question his religious affiliation and leanings with his upbringing (his parents' indoctrination in his formative years, his schooling in Indonesia, etc.) His consistent inaction towards radical Islam and catastrophic world events foster this and (rightfully so) have people concerned. That's for another discussion however.

It is his domestic and international policies - especially when it comes to energy independence - that should concern every one of us.

Because of increasing technology, the United States has become the leading producer of oil and natural gas. God has blessed America with abundant resources. Estimates put us at close to 300 billion barrels of oil in the ground and almost close to 3,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

That doesn't include our neighbor to the north, Canada who has another 172 billion barrels.

You don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to do the math and tell me why this administration and Hillary Clinton (the self-appointed Democratic nominee) have opposed the safest and most economical way to transport energy like the Keystone Pipeline. Why has less than 1 percent of LNG and crude oil terminals been approved by the feds? Explain to me why this administration doesn't understand that overregulation and not lifting the Crude Export Ban is compromising our domestic and international security?

Folks, terrorists have to have money to operate. It is those energy-producing nations who are unfriendly to America that support politically (and financially) the bastions of terrorist cells that are destroying civilization. The radicalization starts from the beginning with their Wahhabi schooling to their full implementation of "jihad" as adults.

The sad part is that the money comes from us, folks. We buy their oil and bury our heads in the sand. We need to cut off the "spigot."

The reason they have a stranglehold over Europe is that for years they have been using energy as a geopolitical weapon. You have totalitarian regimes such as Russia and Iran calling the shots. If you want to help Europe fight the war on terror and decrease dependence on these countries – lift the "crude oil export ban" and open up LNG markets.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling for isolationism. Our world is too globalized for that to occur today, but it's well past time to shut down these bad actors and at the same time invigorate our economy.

If you want to be vigilant in the fight against terrorists and promote international and domestic security, here's a start. Ben Franklin, one of our founding fathers said, "Those who surrender freedom for security and safety deserve neither."

It's time we exercise our freedom to utilize the natural resources that God has given us as a nation. That's one way to start winning the War on Terror.

David Brumbaugh
Representative David Brumbaugh

David Brumbaugh, Chairman of the House Majority Caucus, owns DRB Industries in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, a community he has served as State Representative since 2010. His columns are frequently published in publications such as the Tulsa Beacon.

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