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July 7th, 2016

Back in 1999 there was an article written by Jack Chick titled "Would you consider an abortion in these three situations?" They are as follows:

1) A preacher and wife who were very poor and living in tremendous poverty already had 14 kids and were pregnant with their 15th. If they had an abortion the world would have been deprived of John Wesley, one the greatest men of faith in history.

2.) A man rapes a 13 year-old black girl and she is pregnant. If her parents would have considered an abortion, Ethel Waters one of the world’s greatest singers would not have been born.

3.). A teenage girl is pregnant. She is unmarried her fiancé is angry because it's not his child. You all know the rest of the story . . . our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born. Powerful stories of faith in action.

These examples show how we as a nation have lost our way if we can justify murder of the innocent with abortion on demand. We know that 50% of all pregnancies are unwanted and over 42 million babies have been killed since Roe v. Wade. How can we justify that as a society if we are good people?

Thomas Jefferson said the "primary goal of government is to promote and protect life..." that's why governments are created. How often do we forget those foundational words "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

Don't unborn children deserve those same rights? The political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville said, "America is great because she is good. America will cease to be great when she is no longer good." Is that where we find ourselves?"

I pray not...

David Brumbaugh
Representative David Brumbaugh

David Brumbaugh, Chairman of the House Majority Caucus, owns DRB Industries in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, a community he has served as State Representative since 2010. His columns are frequently published in publications such as the Tulsa Beacon.

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