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David Brumbaugh's Oklahoma Values

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David Brumbaugh stands for Conservative Oklahoma Family Values.

Lower Taxes

As a business owner David Brumbaugh understands the need for lower taxes and less government regulation. This not only creates more opportunity for businesses but for all Oklahomans. David wants to see our hardworking Oklahoma family’s keep more of what they earn and at the same time promote business expansion here locally and throughout the state. David believes that can only be done by fair and reasonable taxation.

Pro-Business & Economic Development

David supports small business expansion and continued technology and innovation to grow our economy both at the state level & here on the local level on Main Street Broken Arrow & Tulsa County. David Brumbaugh knows how important this is to building prosperity. We need state lawmakers who support the entrepreneurial spirit and free market system that has made our nation great. David also supports a taxation system & incentive programs here in Oklahoma that would attract, retain and develop new businesses. He would also like to encourage more privately funded development that would start taking the financial burden off of taxpayers.

Strong Educational System

As a School Board member at his own children’s school and a beneficiary of a excellent education… David Brumbaugh has had life long dedication to education. He believes all children should have access to a good education and knows how essential it is to making our children more competitive in the future work force. David does not believe “one size fits all” when it comes to educating our children. Parents should be free to choose the learning environment that will best challenge their children and give them the greatest chance for academic success whether it be public, private, or home schooling. David believes that all Oklahoma families should have access to the very best education possible and we need to support their fundamental basic rights in educating their children.

David Brumbaugh Working

Strong Family Values

As a Pro Life Conservative David Brumbaugh believes in the sanctity of all human life. As a husband and father, he is a strong advocate of preserving our Oklahoma family values. This includes protecting our children and creating safe communities for all our families to flourish in. David feels very strongly that the value we place on life and our families determines what type of society we will want for ourselves and the next generation. We must do everything we can to protect and preserve our “Oklahoma way of life and it’s family values.”

Pro-Law Enforcement

David Brumbaugh feels that public safety is one of the cornerstones of maintaining a free society. We need to support our law enforcement and judiciary efforts in keeping criminals off the streets. This can only be done with mandatory sentencing, vigorous prosecution and providing the resources our local and state law enforcement community need to fight crime. David wants safe neighborhoods for our families to live in. He believes we need to continue to support the great work our police are doing by providing them the tools they need to fight crime.

David Brumbaugh
Representative David Brumbaugh

David Brumbaugh, Chairman of the House Majority Caucus, owns DRB Industries in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, a community he has served as State Representative since 2010. His columns are frequently published in publications such as the Tulsa Beacon.

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